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solid modeling - 3d rendering of gearbox Listed below is a directory of specialized CAD software vendors and consultants.  These firms offer CAD systems and solutions for printed circuit board design, kitchen design, land surveying, civil engineering drawings, 3D rendering, and other special applications.

As an alternative to the special-purpose CAD software solutions listed below, a number of software vendors offer plug-ins for popular CAD packages such as AutoCAD.  These plug-ins enable architects, engineers, and designers to use mainstream CAD packages for specialized design and drawing tasks.

  • CabMaster Software
    Features a suite of automated design, reporting, and presentation software products for cabinet makers and joineries.
  • CADlogic
    This UK firm develops specialist CAD software for architectural detailing, building design, and engineering purposes.
  • Altium
    This Australian firm offers a fully integrated development environment for electronics design.
  • MicroSurvey
    Provider of land surveying software, AutoCAD-based surveying software, and survey data collection software.
  • TCAM Development House
    Developer of TwinCAD, a powerful yet affordable CAD design tool and WTCAM, a specialized programming system for WireCut machining.
  • Chief Architect
    Offers professional home design software that is used by residential designers.
  • Qarm
    Develops CAD-CAM software that includes solids machining technology and CNC capabilities, and is designed for Microsoft Windows environments.
  • CAD Viewer
    CADViewer is a Java-based component that can be integrated into other applications or used as a standalone CAD viewer on a variety of computing platforms.
  • Autodesk Civil 3D
    Offers Civil 3D software, which is designed for civil engineering applications.
  • Vero Software
    Vero Software is a developer of software products servicing the woodworking and sheet metal fabrication industries.  Their products help people who design and manufacture products like cabinetry and countertops as well as a variety of sheet metal products.
  • Vertex Systems Oy
    Provides efficient software products for technical design of mechanical, electrical and architectural systems in industrial plants and commercial buildings.
  • Vutrax Electronics CAD
    VUTRAX is an electronics schematic and printed circuit board design package for electrical and electronics engineers.
  • Drawbase
    Drawbase is a powerful, easy-to-use CAD/CAFM software program that is used to design, draw, track, and actively manage facilities.
  • Intergraph
    Features several world class design software packages.  SmartSketch combines business diagramming and drawing capabilities.  SmartPlant 3D is a suite of tools that provides the capabilities needed to design a plant and keep it as-built through its life cycle.  ISDP (Integrated Ship Design and Production) provides a full suite of capabilities for shipbuilding firms and ship designers.
  • Bentley Systems
    Provides software for the life cycle of major infrastructure facilities, spanning architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and operations.
  • PTC Mathcad
    PTC offers Mathcad, a powerful and flexible calculation program for engineers and scientists.

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