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automotive engineer using cad software If you are an architect or engineer, or otherwise involved in the design, engineering, or construction industries, you are probably familiar with computer aided design software, or CAD software.

CAD software is a type of computer program that is used to draft, model, and edit architectural or engineering designs.  CAD programs eliminate the tedious manual drafting process, replacing it with an automated process in which designers can change their drawings or designs and immediately view or print the modified results.  Two-dimensional CAD software is used for basic drafting and drawing applications.  Three-dimensional CAD software and ancillary solid modeling software enable designers to apply multiple light sources, to rotate objects in three dimensions, and to view their designs in rendered form from any angle.  Special purpose CAD software is available for printed circuit board design as well as civil engineering and CNC applications.

architect using cad software There is a wide variety of CAD software products, designed for diverse applications and levels of experience.  Some CAD software has basic features and can be used by homeowners with limited design and computing experience.  Examples of entry level CAD software include TurboCAD and CADPro.  Other CAD software is more complex and is designed for professional users.  Some CAD products are designed and integrated with special-purpose, graphics workstations, but today many CAD software products are available in PC and Macintosh formats.

cad model of a wind turbine Low-cost CAD software generally features an intuitive graphical interface and is easy to use.  Once you have installed the program, you can often have your project started in a matter of minutes.  Whether you are planning and designing an entire home or just want to draw a single floor plan, popular CAD software will generally allow you to create your design and view it three dimensionally. features directories of selected CAD software vendors, some of which offer their software packages, upgrades, and symbol sets online.  On these websites, you will find specifications and prices for popular CAD programs, plug-ins, and accessories.

Most graphic designers, architects, and design engineers prefer to print their large, detailed design drawings on a single sheet of paper.  This related site discusses large format printers and plotters that can print full-size posters, blueprints, and CAD drawings on large size sheets or wide rolls of paper.

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